Connection of Ecuador and Latin America with the Southeast of the United States


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Promote and develop commercial and investment opportunities for entrepreneurs in Ecuador and the Southeast of USA, as well as support social development through programs that benefit Ecuadorians living in the southeast and in Ecuador.

Take an active role in the Ecuadorian – American Community of the Southeast of the United States of America by becoming a member or sponsor. Your support will help strengthen the growing relations between the South East USA and Ecuador, supporting small and medium-sized businesses that benefit from the opening of markets, business opportunities and stronger trade expansion with Ecuador.

The Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce South East USA; will recognize the best Ecuadorian company that has stood out during the last five years. Please; Register the name of your company, today! By email to presidente@ecuadorianchamber.org or by phone +1 404-786 0208.


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Ecuador; a country, which is divided by the Equator at an altitude of 2,850 meters; and, it is located on the West Coast of South America. Its diverse landscape; covers the Amazon Rainforest, the Andean highlands, it’s Pacific Coasts; and, the Galapagos Islands rich in wildlife.