Protect within his constituency, the rights and interests of the Ecuadorian State and natural or legal persons; plan and manage consular services and promote political and associative participation of the Ecuadorian population abroad, subject to international treaties, conventions, law and international law, in accordance with the targets set in national development plans.

As a non-profit organization, the purpose of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia is to foster success through economic development initiatives that:

  • Facilitate the creation and development of business ventures
  • Foster relationships between hispanic and non-hispanic business, associations, individuals and government
  • Create new business opportunities within our community, the state of Georgia, and between Latin America and the Southeast

We are a bi-national, not-for -profit organization that operates since 1974. We have sectional in the cities of Ambato, Cuenca and Manta.

The Chamber of the Americas is a not-for-profit organization with a simple, profoundly important goal:  To help you make the most of your business opportunity in the Americas.

The Chamber’s mission is to facilitate commerce and understanding between the business and governments of the Western Hemisphere.

We connect industries, business and investors with the government sector, and disseminate the information, education and cultural knowledge vital to the advancement of our collective goals.

The Referral Institute’s vision is to be the world’s leader helping entrepreneurs create Referrals For Life.

Creating Referrals For Life means that our clients will be working within communities of like-minded successful entrepreneurs around the world.

Referrals for Life is not a marketing technique, it’s a life style.


Our Mission: Promote and teach international trade, and foster cultural and humanitarian exchange to develop economic opportunity worldwide

Signing of the Mutual Cooperation Agreement with Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce of Quito & Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia Int.