The mission of the Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia Int. is to promote and develop trade and investment opportunities for entrepreneurs in Ecuador and Georgia, while supporting social development through programs that benefit both.

Maintain mutual cooperation between the Ecuadorian General Consul in Georgia us a mean of relationship with the Ecuadorian Government, to better develop our commercial bonds.


  • Provide a direct connection between Georgia business and Latin America.
  • Promote your products and service in Latin American Countries.
  • Encourage partnership through tourism.



Being a binational nonprofit organization that has achieved wide recognition for his work integrating the Ecuadorian community in Georgia and for the support given to private and public organizations in Ecuador.


  • Georgia’s exports to Ecuador were approximately $67 million last year.
  • Ecuador’s total imports were worth $14.23 billion in 2009. Its primary import commodities include industrial materials, lubricants and non-durable consumer goods.
  • Ecuador’s total exports in 2009 were worth $13.63 billion its primary export commodities include: Petroleum, bananas, shrimps, cacao, coffee, hemp, fish products and wood.